SODA creates contemporary MYO offices inside 1970s London building

The gridded facade of this office in central London informed the arrangement of its interiors, where SODA has built a series of flexible workspaces that can be adjusted to suit different occupants.

The 3,716-square-metre MYO offices take over the second and third floors of 123 Victoria Street, a mixed-use building that lies just a short walk from the major transport hub of Victoria station.

Originally constructed in 1977 by EPR Architects, the building features rows of windows that angle outwards to form transparent, box-like forms across the facade.

MYO office in 123 Victoria Street, designed by by Soda

This became a key point of reference for architecture studio SODA, which was tasked with developing the interiors of MYO.

The studio wanted to mimic the “cellular language” of the building’s exterior by creating an internal grid of workspaces that can be subtly reconfigured or opened up to suit companies of different sizes.

MYO office in 123 Victoria Street, designed by by Soda

“We wanted to push back against the

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