New Mets’ DH Cespedes makes history on opening day

Los Angeles (AFP) – Yoenis Cespedes took advantage of a new designated hitter rule to blast his first home run in his long-awaited return and lift the New York Mets to a 1-0 opening day win over the Atlanta Braves.

Cespedes’ solo shot in the seventh inning off reliever Chris Martin on Friday was his first homer since his last game in the majors on July 20, 2018.

“Being able to hit a home run after being out for two years, it proved to me that I can still be the same player that I used to be,” he said.

Friday’s Mets opener kicked off the first full slate of games in the much-anticipated return to baseball after months of uncertainty during the coronavirus shutdown that at times threatened to scuttle the entire season.

The MLB season kicked off Thursday with the New York Yankees rain-shortened 4-1 win over the

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The most extraordinary day in Supercars history

“I’ve never come across anything like that. Ever,” says Todd Kelly as he reflects on Monday July 6.

“I honestly didn’t expect that we’d need to react like we did. We weren’t really prepared for it at all. We had things spread through the facility, the gearboxes and engines and everything were in their respective departments. So to get everything into the truck and over the border… we only just made it by half an hour.”

Kelly has seen and done a bit in motorsport. He was a factory Holden driver for years. He won the Bathurst 1000 with Mark Skaife. He turned a Nissan Altima into a Supercar from scratch. He led a round-the-clock effort over Christmas to get two Mustangs finished in time for the 2020 season.

So when he says he’s never seen anything like the desperate border dash, you know it was something special.

Rewind a

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