Canal St store in Shanghai is styled like the New York subway

A subway car-style corridor, worn concrete walls and metal railings feature inside this Shanghai clothing shop, which Sò Studio has designed to emulate New York.

Canal St offers a selection of high-end streetwear and was designed by locally-based Sò Studio to “bring the downtown New York lifestyle to Shanghai”.

The studio believes the two major cities have much in common, despite their disparate locations.

Canal St store by Sò Studio

“In New York, you see the coexistence of elements made hundreds of years ago during the industrial age with cutting-edge art, fashion and pop culture,” said Sò Studio.

“Shanghai’s unique ethos is built upon Chinese traditional culture as well as nearly a century of concession,” added the designers. “There is the constant tension that everything new here has also been polished and precipitated by time.”

The New York theme also suits the store’s name – Canal Street is a major road that runs from east to

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