The Best-Designed Office Chairs For a Stylish and Productive Home Office

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With 95% of Americans under stay-at-home orders, it’s a better time than ever to dial in your home office. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more jobs were becoming remote with 4.7 million Americans working from home, according to recent statistics. In short, setting up a solid home office is a good idea.

One of the most important aspects of a good home office is a comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Dedicated office chairs are designed for hours of use and will offer a few key upgrades over a normal chair.

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Firstly, a good office chair will make you more productive. It’s easier said than done, but getting comfortable is key to getting work completed. Also, ergonomic office chairs are designed with blood flow and correct posture in mind. This means you’ll be more alert and focused

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Eight home offices with stylish set-ups for remote working

The rise of coronavirus means a growing number of people are required to work remotely from their homes. Dezeen has selected eight inspiring home offices, including one that’s lined entirely with plywood and another that’s hidden inside an artichoke-shaped room.

Home office interiors

A Room in the Garden, UK, by Studio Ben Allen

An artichoke-shaped garden room in southwest London accommodates this quirky study.

The space is fronted by a desk and picture window, while at its rear is a chunky plinth where inhabitants can recline to read a book – it even includes a pull-out bed, perfect for mid-afternoon naps.

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Home office interiors

Argentona Apartment, Spain, by YLAB Arquitectos

The full-height oak wood cabinetry inside this Barcelona apartment conceals a fold-out desk where inhabitants can sit and work.

Inhabitants can alternatively opt to work on the light-filled terrace that’s dotted with potted plants.

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